写在前面:我在写 Web2.0的视觉风格进化论 的后续文章的过程中,发现了这篇文章。为了使大家快速的接轨全球设计风尚,我决定翻译这篇文章,我介绍相关的内容越多,我就可以在进化论里面少写一些废话。

2007 Logo Design Trends


11 trends that will define Logo design in 2007

Everyone wants to set the curve when it comes to style. No one wants to design out of a book of trends, but nevertheless, they emerge.
Take a peek at the following 11 Logo design trends that we think will define the look of 2007.




1. Talk Boxes

This is an outgrowth of last year’s trend, even though these boxes have been around a few years now.
We don’t quite know who’s doing the talking, but whoever it is, their bubble is popping up all over. This Logo symbolizes communication, whether it be from the company or between its customers. LifeLogger, for instance, uses a speech bubble with a smile in it to illustrate how users can communicate through them to friends. They continue the use of three-dimensional speech bubbles in creating avatars for their users, as illustrated to the right.
In this way, the idea of communication represents the person themselves, showing the importance of contact.

1. 对话泡泡

我们搞不懂是谁在说话,但管它是谁呢,反正满处都是冒的这些泡泡。这个符 号象征着沟通,无论是来自企业还是他们的客户之间。LifeLogger(生活的记录者)网站,是一个例证,用泡泡和微笑符号来说话,表明用户可以用什么 样的方式和他们的朋友来交流。 他们继续使用立体的对话泡泡来为用户创造神话,就像右边那个泡泡。

2. Clouds

Everyone remembers a time when they laid on their back in the grass, staring at the clouds daydreaming or finding images in their puffs.
Clouds are a powerful Logo, conjuring imagery of dreams, creativity and playfulness. Sometimes clouds are combined with thought bubbles to invoke feelings of dreaminess. The clouds can be a 3D bubble or take on a flat feeling. Many of these cloud Logos represent new ideas, hence the thought bubble. Many "clouds" came from new businesses on the internet, certainly a place for dreamers. Some, also include imagery of the sun, which evokes a feeling of a new dawn.

2. 云状物


3. Reflections

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the hottest trend of all? It might just be reflections. With Apple leading the way, looking like all their graphics were set on a shiny table, others are sure to follow. Dubbed by some as ?the new drop shadow,? reflections are taking over, especially on the web. The reflections might be skewed, such as in the Logo for blinklist, indicating the location of some light source, invisible to the onlooker, but effective in creating even more of a sense of a whole different world the Logo is in.

3. 反射效果(镜像效果)

魔镜魔镜告诉我,什么是最热的潮流啊? 它可能就是“反射效果”。苹果最先开始倡导的,把什么东西都弄得好像放在光滑闪亮的桌面上,其他人就开始跟风。有人给它起了个绰号叫什么来着?“新的下拉 阴影”(意思和以前的“下拉阴影”效果一样满天飞)。 “反射效果”全面霸占,尤其是在网上。反射效果可以是不对称的,就像 blinklist 的Logo一样,弄出一些光的效果却让你找不到光源,但对于创造拥有更多“完全不同的世界”感觉的Logo是有效而时尚的。

4. Rectangle

In a graphic world where you can do nearly anything, some companies are keeping it simple with shaded rectangles. Their Logo, in a contrasting white, pops out from the background. Shadow boxes have historically been a sign of amateurish design, but this new generation of effective Logos has shown that good design will always be in style. With the popularity of rounded corners, these Logos stand out with (oh no!) sharp edges and right angles. In some occasions, such as with the blurb Logo, the rectangle can represent an image. Blurb used their blue shadow behind their name to symbolize a book, as they are in the book publishing business.

4. 长方形

在图形世界里,你几乎可以做任何事情,但有些公司只使用简单的带边框的长方形。他们的Logo,从高反差的白色背景上“跳”出来。相框一样的长方形 容易给人“业余设计水平”的感觉,但是新生的有活力的这些Logo,表明了好的设计永远都是有品味的。与人气极旺的圆角风格同时,这些Logo因有着锐利 的边缘和适当的倾斜角度而特别显眼(不是吧!)。在某些场合,就像 Blurb的Logo,长方形可以用于扮演一个形象。Blurb 用蓝色的图形放在名字后面来代表一本书,因为他们做的是图书出版业务。

5. 3d Puffies

With these new puffed-up Logos, you don’t know whether to click on them or bounce on them. Now that the industry has overcome the production issues of gradients, designers seem to prefer air-popped graphics to the flat drawings of yore. Even desktop icons these days seem to have a rounded feel, like you might pop one with one good hard double-click. It’s a 2D world out there in Internet land, and these 3D images really make Web pages and Logos jump out of the page, to where you feel you could run your hands over the computer screen and feel their bumps and curves.



5. 立体发泡物

这些新出现的圆鼓鼓发泡Logo,让你搞不懂到底是在上面点击还是在上面弹跳。自从工业生产克服了“渐变色”的难题,设计师们就似乎热衷于将“立体 弹出”的图像加到以往的平面图样中。甚至桌面图标在最近也看起来有圆乎乎的感觉,就像你用力一点击它就会弹得老高。二维的世界已经从互联网走开了,三维的 图像的确让网页和Logo“跳出”页面,进入一个你可以用手指满屏幕去感觉那些凹凸不平和曲线的新世界。





6. Hot Dogs

These cute little Tic Tacs of color are popping up all over the design world. Like many abstract symbols, the hot dogs can be used to mean many different things. Sometimes they denote movement or sound, such as in the Logo for Snap. These lines, reminiscent of those drawn out of shocked cartoon people by children everywhere, can denote an idea, a feeling or a literal meaning. But no matter how they’re used in design, they are a powerful symbol of an upbeat emotion.

6. 热狗肠

这些色彩和弹出的可爱小把戏遍布了整个设计界。像许多抽象符号一样,热狗肠可以用来表示许多不同的东西。又是他们表示声音或运动的 警示,就像Snap的Logo里那样。那些辐射的线条,让人想起随处可见的小孩子画的 大吃一惊的 卡通人物。它能表示一种想法,一种感觉或者只是一种 字面上的意义。但不管它们用在设计中是为什么,它们都是一种有强烈表现力的符号来象征 乐观的态度。

7. Transmission beam

With satellite tv and radio and wireless everything all the rage in the new millennium, a transmission beams are a quick way to show that they are on the cutting edge of technology. Many companies who use this Logo trend deal in internet information. Part of what many of these companies are doing on the internet is taking user (or customer) information and sharing it with the world. The transmission beam, starting with a single dot (to represent the user), shows their ideas spreading out. It’s the perfect symbol for publishing companies or blog sites.

7.  发射电波

卫星电视,电台和无线的东东在新纪元里遍地开花,用发射电波是最快捷方式来表明他们是站在科技的最前沿。用这种Logo的许多公司都在做互联网信息 生意。他们中间有许多公司做的是在互联网上获取用户(客户)资料然后分享给全世界。无线电波,始发于一个“点”(代表用户),体现他们的理念在传播。对于 出版公司和博客网站来讲,这是个完美的符号。

8. People

AOL’s little man has some company, with others creating buddies to include in their Logos. For companies that bring people together, these genderless little people are shown in pairs or groups. They provide a visual indicator of coming together. Others show just one of these symbols, usually as an avatar for their customer. Anyone looking for other people can be sure they’ve found them when they see a Logo with a buddy.





8. 人形

美国在线的“小人”已有了几个军团,和其他正在创建的好友一起都归属在它的Logo旗下。军团将人聚在一起,把这些搞不清性别的人成对或成组排列。 他们为“聚在一起”提供了这样一个视觉指示。有些公司的Logo只展示符号中的一个,这通常作为他们客户的偶像。任何想找人的人,当他们看到有这个 Logo的哥们,就能确信自己可以找到队伍。




9. Transparency

Transparency is still hot. Again, many may gasp as the mere though of using a shadow, but this updated version is nothing like the shadow boxes that have plagued generic design. These Logos invoke images of blending together. Some, like the two transmission bubbles that seem to be popping out the little people in the BlueDot Logo, can symbolize communication, or a sort of overlapping and blending of ideas. Others are a Venn diagram, showing where the company fits, such as Zopa.


9. 透明效果

透明效果仍旧热门。强调一下,很多人的需求只不过是加上个相框样的东东,但是这个“升级版”一点都不象相框那样是令人厌倦的普通设计。这些Logo 让图像混合在一起。有些,象是两个传送的泡泡,它们看起来象是要把“小人”弹出来(见BlueDot的Logo),它可以象征沟通,或者 观念的混合 和 重叠的排序。另外的看起来象“交集图”(Venn diagram),展现出什么是公司的业务范围,就像 Zopa。

10. Outlines

(I think this is another way to add sophistication, 3d effect to a Logo)
Many are finding that nothing brings a Logo to the next level like a professionally done outline. These surrounding lines or shades can simply run around the text or seem to encapsulate it in a bubble, as seen in the picturecloud.com Logo. These outlines can take text and make it seem as though it’s one unit. Nicely done, these effects add sophistication and a third dimension to Logos.

10. 轮廓线

很多人发现,没有什么比用轮廓线更能使Logo看起来显得专业。这些环绕 着的线或者框可以直接用在文字的周围或是看起来象塑封在一个泡泡里,就像在picturecloud.com 的Logo里一样。这些轮廓线能让文字看起来就像是一个整体。干得漂亮,这些效果的确给Logo锦上添花并有了立体感。



11. Punctuation

From smiley faces to complex illustrations, every day punctuation has gained a new life in the tech typing world of the internet. While some used to only be used to denote the f-word, they’re now used in the young on-line world on instant messaging, e-mailing and teen-speak in general. Now, these symbols have jumped out of instant messaging and onto billboards as of late, with their meanings left to the imagination of customers.




11. 标点符号

从笑脸图案到复杂插图,在互联网的文字输入世界里,标点符号每天都会获得新生。当某些人习惯于只用 F-word(粗俗语言,Fxxk字头的词汇)来表达时,它们现在就被年轻人用在即时聊天,E-Mail和小青年们的日常对话里。现在这些符号从即时聊天 软件和聊天室里蹦出来,带着它们的涵义留给用户无限的想像空间。




  新浪科技讯 北京时间1月27日消息,据国外媒体报道,根据网络品牌杂志Brandchannel.com公布的最新调查结果,Google已经超越苹果成为2006年全球最具影响力的品牌,而新兴Web2.0公司YouTube和维基百科也进入了前五位。


  但令人惊讶的是,视频共享网站YouTube和网络百科全书维基百科分列第三、四位,而咖啡连锁品牌星巴克则滑落至第五位。Brandchannel编辑安东尼·佐帕诺(Anthony Zumpano)表示:“YouTube和维基百科的强势亮相表明了一种趋势:基于用户生成内容的网络品牌在人们生活中的影响力越来越大。”MySpace也在北美最具影响力品牌排行榜上位列第15位。(奥托)



  2. 苹果







  9. 可口可乐













  5. 阿迪达斯













越狱第二季第14集 下载


《越狱》第二季第14集 下载





Web2.0视觉风格进化论 一

Evolution of Web2.0 Visual Styles



在设计论坛之前的讨论中曾经谈到过“设计师应该抓住这个时代的情感”,这是设计师的设计嗅觉和职业特性的体现,那么在纷纷扰扰中“裂变”的Web2.0向我们袭来之时,作为设计师的你,抓住了Web2.0的趋势与风格了吗?现在我们从设计演变的角度,通过分析和鉴别,来让我们的设计师们快速的进行“向 Web2.0风格的进化”过程!


What is the "Style"?

什么是“风格”? 汉语词典中说它是:一个时代、一个民族、一个流派或一个人的文艺作品所表现的主要的思想特点和艺术特点。
简而言之,它应该包含 ①时代特色 ②思想特色 ③表现特色。在英文中,“风格”的对应词是“Style”,然而,“In Style”的意思译成中文是“有品味”。那么我们是不是把上面那句话也可以理解成为“一个有品味的设计师应该抓住今天的风格”呢?是了,如果作为一个设计师,连当下的风格都把握不住,又如何去创造或者引领未来的风格?


既然我们是讨论 视觉风格,就应当了解一种特别的视觉风格到底是由哪些部分构成——我努力的想去找到一些前辈大师的言论来当外套,让我的论点显得更“优雅华丽”一些,但是很可惜的没有如愿。我只好把我的见解就这样“赤裸裸”的展现出来。


① 色彩倾向:如同我在之前的一篇文章《关于时间和色彩的游戏》里面谈到的那样,色彩的规划在现代设计中的地位已经跃升到最高的地位。这一点我想各位都不会怀疑,即便是时隔久远,你也不会将“印象派风格”的色彩和“巴洛克风格”的色彩相混淆;或者说得简单点,你绝不会听到“可乐”想到绿色,而听到“雪碧”想到红色,这就是因为它们有不同的“色彩风格”。




② 结构布局:这个在传统美术中叫做构图,书法叫章法,国画叫布局,现代设计中叫构成,排版上称版式设定……说这么多,无非是想告诉你:你了解其中的任何一个词汇,你就明白我想表达什么了。举例来讲,即便你没练过书法,你也不会把颜体和欧体相混淆,因为颜体的丰腴宽厚的结构特征和欧体的险峻严整会让你过目不忘,这是结构上的风格区分。


乔纳山(Jonathan)的“Web2.0的视觉设计”(The visual design of Web 2.0)中认为Web2.0的布局排版部分占的比重不是太大,但是我觉得他指的是布局的难度系数而不是布局的展现方式。就像下围棋,Web2.0可能就是一盘布局简单的棋,但是你不能说布局简单厮杀就不精彩,就没有胜负可言,那就错了。


③ 造型方法:作为一个艺术家,掌握多种艺术方法和找到合适的造型方法来完成自己的作品,恐怕是一生的追求。就像毕加索对着一头公牛画七八遍一样,很多勤奋的人都在这么干。设计师也面对同样的问题,同样的题材可以有好多种表现的方法,你能想到有多少种,在于你的创造力;你能否找到合适表现你的题材的那种,在于你的判断和鉴赏力。想要成为一个优秀的设计师,就必须锻炼这两种力。现在你应该了解什么是一个“Powerful Design”了。


④ 笔调特色:笔调这个词很好,很传神,它既可以用来对比不同的艺术家的作品,也可以用来对比某个艺术家自己的不同作品。




越狱 第二季第14集预告片及14-18集播出时间

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第14集: John Doe
消息来源:TWOP spoilers only and 美剧迷(这集就看Bellick如何被修理了cc)

*John Doe is Paul Kellerman(the man doesn’t exist)
*John Doe 就是kellerman(不存在的人)可能是被KIM删掉档案的缘故
*BELLICK在FOX RIVER里受到一个叫BANK的囚犯的‘青睐’(风水轮流转啊,B队长:)

*This episode will have Bellick face off with inmates. He’s #453857 and will be nicknamed “Fish.”
*BELLICK在FOXRIVER的编号是453857 变成新进的Fish

*Bellick, now an inmate, shares a cell with Avocado and is nicknamed “Fish” by other inmates. The former C.O. must face the music of being the only former C.O. now being locked up at Fox River. Bank, a menacing African American inmate wants to make Bellick his punk but underestimated the new “Fish” as the muscular inmate will soon kiss the floor. Bank and his goons want to make Bellick pay for that confrontation. C.O. Stolte also appears


消息来源:TWOP spoilers only and and internet

*Some info from an extra. It appears that Wentworth, Dominic, Paul and Sarah are all in a scene together in Ep 15, "The Message"
*Wentworth, Dominic, Paul and Sarah 同时出现在一个场景。source

*haywire 又出现了。他结识了一个年轻女孩子。这个女孩还会出现在第16集里。
*linc/michael 和 kellerman 绑架了一个电视台的摄影师,拍摄他们的‘无罪宣言’


*Mahone没死?和一个‘行为学家‘分析兄弟俩拍摄的录像带。行为学家认为linc 对lisa rix (LJ的妈妈)的死因和CUTBACK 汽车旅馆里的自杀者的解释都是谎言。兄弟俩在Des Moines谋划的计划牵涉到总统。MICHAEL在录像的过程中用手指在膝盖上发出莫斯密码 ‘The Water is Warm (水暖了)’。MAHONE不相信兄弟俩提供的线索,因为‘还有一个前情报人员跟他们在一起’。

*Greg Rydenour 是被绑架来拍摄录相带的摄像师。他说MICHAEL向他保证不会伤害他,但是那个看上去像FBI的威胁说如果他不照办就轰掉他的脑袋。他注意到他们提到‘12小时之内+800英里’,同时他们似乎对关于总统的报道很感兴趣。他认为他们要搞翻总统。

*Haywire遇上两个年轻女孩 Matt和 Sasha。两个女孩以帮Haywire的狗Larry买食物的条件下请求Haywire帮她们买啤酒。
*She becomes intrigued by him and his project of building a raft to go to Holland


第16集: Chicago
消息来源: TWOP

-T-Bag has Susan and little Peter hostage and forces them to play along as the happy family when one of Susan’s friends stop by.
-C-Note is in a restaurant during a robbery.
-Haywire is in this one。

T-Bag 把 Susan和 Peter 绑做人质,强迫他们跟他办‘和睦家庭’的家家酒(这个s变态!!!)时, Susan的一个朋友来了。
C-Note 在一个餐馆里的时候碰上了抢劫。

第17集: "Bad Blood"
消息来源: TWoP

We have T-Bag and Susan Hollander, C-Note and Dede, Sucre and some surprise appearances too.

Starts shooting 4-Jan-07

出场人物包括T-Bag,Susan Hollander, C-Note,Dede, Sucre,还会有出人意料的人物出场(谁?????????)07年1月四日开拍。

第18集: "Wash"
消息来源: TWoP

Pincus/Cooper? Brown: A distinguished man, around 50 or so, Pincus is a former Deputy Attorney General who opposes Carolyn Reynolds and would love to see her career in ruins. An honest government official, he agrees to meet with Bruce and Sara, and views the tape that exonerates Lincoln. But after noting that the tape is a copy, and is utterly useless as far as its timestamp is concerned, he subtly suggests that they use the tape to blackmail Carolyn into issuing a Presidential pardon — because it’s useless in court but useful as a lever to pressure Caroline…RECURS IN EPISODE #219, SHOOTING 1/26 – 2/6
Pincus Brown(年约50岁)是一个对总统Carolyn Reynolds不满的前任执行司法部长。他同意见bruce 和sara, 看了那个可以赦免lincoln的带子。但是意识到那卷带子是拷贝,而且在时间上也没有任何证据价值时,他婉转地建议用它来威胁总统,让她发布赦免状。因为这卷带子在法庭上毫无用处。

"Fake" Pincus/(Cooper?) Brown: In his mid 50s, friendly looking, he initially appears to be former Deputy Attorney General Pincus Brown, and is treated with profound suspicion by Michael and Linc. Taken on a wild goose chase that’s designed to strip him of all surveillance, a weary, wet, bedraggled Pincus is finally deemed trustworthy enough to merit delivery of the incriminating tape — but he makes one fatal little slip, and is exposed as a Fake Pincus
假冒“Pincus Brown”,约50岁。Michael/linc没有轻易相信这个自称是前任司法部长的人。一番斗智斗勇之后,兄弟俩消除了戒心,打算把那卷带子交给他—但是这时他犯了一个致命的错误,露出了马脚。

Kristine Kellerman: A pretty Caucasian woman in her late 20s to early 30s, Kellerman’s (played by Paul Adelstein) sister, Kristine is a goodhearted woman who works for a Greenpeace-style organization, and is trying to save the world, one plankton at a time. A touchy-feely type who is the extreme opposite of her ice-blooded, stomp-the-whales brother, she’s utterly astonished when Kellerman shows up out of the blue, like the phantom he is. Still hurt that her brother didn’t show up for Dad’s funeral, she shares a horrific childhood with Kellerman — but unlike her brother, Kristine is out to leave the world a better place than she found it. She’s amazed and probably worried as hell when Kellerman shows a sliver of emotion and hints that he’s saying goodbye before committing a crime the world will be talking about for decades.
Kristine Kellerman 是kellerman的妹妹(!!!!).大概20大几,30出头的年纪。心地善良,为一个类似绿色和平组织的机构工作。她对哥哥的突然到访很吃惊。她觉得kellerman 似乎在暗示他接下来要搞出个让后人念念不忘的大事件来,

Dr. Erik Stammel: Early to mid 40s, Caucasian, a man wearing wire-frame John Lennon glasses, he is a therapist who advertises on bus stop benches, and he is remarkably similar in looks to T-Bag (Robert Knepper); they have the same build, coloring and facial structure — they could be brothers or at least cousins. An earnest, empathetic man, he has no clue that T-Bag has booked a session with him but intends to bludgeon him to death and take his identity.
Dr. Erik Stammel 是个心理医生,长得跟t-bag 很象。T-bag 打算干掉他,冒名顶替。

STORY LINE: Michael and Linc try to pass along vital information to government official PINCUS BROWN; Kellerman prepares for the Hit Of A Lifetime; C-Note is pressured to hang himself; Sucre’s idyllic new life in Mexico is destined to be interrupted…
故事情节:michael/linc试图把重要的信息交给政府官员pincus brown.
Kellerman 准备大干一仗。c-note 无奈要上吊.sucre在墨西哥的自在生活被打搅了。

C-NOTE 同学终于要在这一集里退场了?谢天谢地!!LJ会在这一集里出现。

胡戈新作 — 007大战黑衣人


  • 片长:30分钟
  • 类型:剧情、间谍、荒诞喜剧
  • 拍摄时间:2006年11月
  • 拍摄制作:一群DV爱好者
  • 预计上映时间:2007年1月10日
  • 上映地点:六间房网站 当当网(一星期之后提供《007大战黑衣人》高清晰版BT供网友下载)
主要参与人员: 胡戈(策划、编、导、剪辑、后期制作等),高可、刘亚男(制片),王家赫(主演),任宇星、张军(摄影),梁亮(作曲),杨皓翔(武术指导),龚格尔(编舞)